Safety Convention 2019
Theme : Safety during Development of Infrastruture Projects


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  IEI Centenary Celebration  
The Institution of Engineers (India), with a membership of over 9,00,000 is the largest body of engineers in the world. IEI will complete 100 years in 2020 and centenary celebration programmes are being organised Safety Convention 2019 is an event to showcase IEI Powers in its preparation for Centenary Celebration.
  About The Institution o f Engineers (India)  

99 Years of Relentless Journey towards Engineering Advancement for Nation-building.

The Institution of Engineers (India) is the largest multidisciplinary professional body that encompasses 15 engineering disciplines and gives engineers a global platform to share professional knowledge. IEI has membership strength of more than 0.9 million. Established in 1920, with its headquarters at 8, Gokhale Road, Kolkata-700020, IEI has served the engineering fraternity for over nine decades. In this period of time it has been inextricably linked with the history of modern-day engineering.

In 1935, IEI was incorporated by Royal Charter and remains the only professional body in India to be accorded this honour. Today, its quest for professional excellence has given it a place of pride in almost every prestigious and relevant organization across the globe. IEI functions among professional engineers, academicians and research workers. It provides a vast array of technical, professional and supporting services to the Govt., Industries, Academia and the Engineering fraternity, operating from more than 100 centres located across the country. The Institution has established R&D centres at various locations in the country and also provides grant-in-aid to its members to conduct research and development on engineering subjects.

About The Organiser

Delhi State Centre - IEI

Delhi State Centre has a history of nearly 90 years. Located at ITO, it is a landmark in the city of Delhi. It has played a crucial role in uniting various professional societies right from its inception.

Delhi State Centre has organized various successful activities which include International and National Conferences, Indian Engineering Congress, All India Seminars, Round Table Conferences and Workshops relating to different strategy of engineering and having crucial impact on society.


Safety and Quality Forum - IEI

Safety & Quality Forum was established by The Institution of Engineers (India) at New Delhi in 2003, to focus on engineering aspects that contribute towards the improvement in Safety & Quality in Engineering Profession. Forum has been actively involved in disseminating knowledge in the field of Safety and Quality for the last more than a decade.


India is fastest Developing Economy of the world. Nowadays , Indian Infrastructure is being developed at a fast pace by involving multiple agencies. Whereas speed is the need of national development, it sometimes affects quality and safety during project implementation as different companies from different parts of the globe are involved and follow their own work culture. Even many success stories of mega Infrastructure projects also cover instances of safety lapses in implementation. Every time one hears of a fatal accident and Engineering fraternity feels challenged. Multidisciplinary nature of the infrastructure projects is not just limited to building or any construction project, it covers every sector of Engineering and specialties. Strict conformance to procedure and safety code provisions at the concept and design stage followed by diligent and proper application of best practices, continuous innovation in implementation strategies are need of the hour. Every new task is to be considered an opportunity to improve from previous project learning, so that the benefit is far better and more widespread across the society. It is Engineers who are responsible and accountable for ensuring that the project as built conforms to robustness, safety and serviceability and be fit for the purpose intended.

The contribution of Engineers is essential in urban and rural development as well as industrial employment schemes launched by the government commencing with the Make-in-India campaign to bring the latest technology to the country and increase its effective industrial base to improve productivity of the technical manpower.

Project implementation has also moved into a digital space which requires a shift in approach and understanding of new engineering and science related to digital platform and developing and training on application of new digital systems and software. Risk perception have also changed considerably and cyber security and cyber safety in project implementation are gaining important place.

The Safety Convention 2019 is therefore focusing on the Need for Safer Operation and the Challenges that must be met for effective project implementation. The theme: “Safety during Development of Infrastructure Projects” will be an overarching umbrella of coverage of integrating safety Safety Convention 2019 is being organized to arrange a platform to collaborate with industries, organizations, corporates and individuals to ensure workplace safety and sustainable manufacturing operations.

Safety during development Infrastructure Projects.
A. Safety during Infrastructure Projects -
Concept to Completion

• Safety in design of projects
• Safety in project management
• Defining risks in infrastructure projects
• Utilisation of digital platform for project implementation and corresponding safety concerns
• Cyber security and safety in project implementation
• Integrating quality to ensure safety
• Construction Safety
• Realty sector and Infrastructure project safety
• Safety provisions in National Building Codes
• Safety impact of emerging construction technologies
• Safety standards for emerging infrastructure
• Safety Net to Building safe smart cities

B. Industrial Safety
• Safety in Manufacturing and Processing
• Operational Safety Laws and Norms for the Industries
• Labour Laws Governing Safety
• Skill Development for New Manufacturing and Processing
Technologies – mainly for Labour Intensive MSME Sector.
C. Energy Safety
• Development of Safer Energy Technologies
• Operational Safety at Power Plants-thermal, gas, hydro, nuclear and renewable
• Safety in transmission and distribution
• Environment Concerns in handling higher Sulphur Fuel
D. Public Safety
• Fire safety
• Food safety
• Women safety in public places
E. Environmental Safety
• Air Quality
• Waste Quality
• Overcoming Climate change
F. Transport Sector Challenges
• Road safety management-technology and law enforcement to save human lives
• Rail safety-technology and training for managing risks
• Aviation Safety
• Water Transport Safety
G. Special Thrust of the Convention
• Participation of International bodies/organisations.
• Presentations by National and International experts.
• Exhibition of latest innovative products by manufacturers/ developers of leading brands of Safety and Security equipments.
• Presentations of Case Studies on success stories by leading industries.